Exterior Decoration of Property – Peckham – South East London

This project was carried out in Peckham Southeast London and consisted of a full decoration of the front exterior of the property.

The first task carried out was to identify all the areas which were in need of repair. This entailed checking gutters and down pipes for leaks and checking facia and suffixes for repairs. Finally, we also checked for any blown render to repair.

Following that we started preparing woodwork using two-part filler repair from Ronseal and removing any rotten parts. If there were any parts that we could not repair, these would then be replaced with a new piece of hardwood.

All concrete surfaces were then prepped using a Toupret Concrete Repair Kit.

When everything was dry, we rubbed everything down and applied exterior primer to all bare surfaces. Once areas were repaired, we then applied a sealant to the areas.

The application of these products is vital as it determines the longevity of the surfaces lasting many years.

The external undercoat is then applied to woodwork and external weather shield masonry is applied to all concrete areas including windowsills.

With this approach, applying a first coat will highlight any areas that need attention i.e. Filling.

Carrying on from this, we then applied a second coat of paint to all surfaces. After an inspection, a final coat of paint was then added to the surfaces.

The duration of this project lasted for a total of seven days.

Products used:

  • Dulux weather shield masonry
  • Dulux weather shield undercoat and gloss
  • Toupret Filler