Living Room, Staircase and Bathroom Decoration – Battersea – SW11

This project was based in Battersea, Southwest London. The client requested interior decoration to be done on their property which included: Full decoration to the living room, staircase and bathroom.

A careful approach had to be taken at this property because the clients had a newborn baby so the type of paint and timing were a huge factor.

As the paint fumes were a cause for concern, the clients opted for water-based paints instead which was a good choice. In terms of timing, we had to work around the clients making it convenient for them to carry out their daily routine caring for their child.

Work consisted of preparing all wall surfaces making sure all defects were taken care of by using Plaster Repair Filler (made by Toupret). This was to ensure that all of the walls had a smooth finish.

Secondly, we prepped all the woodwork by rubbing down and filling any damaged areas. An application of paint was then applied to ceilings using Brilliant White Vinyl Matt (by Johnstons). We then applied a first coat of paint to the walls (Farrow and Ball- colour Blue/Gray). The ceilings and walls were then inspected for any imperfections, once satisfied, a second coat of paint was then added to the ceilings and walls.

The woodwork was next by giving it a light rub down with sandpaper, applying an undercoat and then two coats of Brilliant White Satinwood (by Dulux).

The living room was given the same approach.

New floors had just been laid before we started so we covered them with some protective flooring sheets and masked up the skirting boards with masking tape which avoided any splashes of paint.

We then prepped all of the walls and ceiling, and once satisfied we applied two coats of Brilliant White to the ceiling and two coats of Emulsion to the walls.

The woodwork was then keyed with sandpaper, dusted down and then one coat of undercoat was applied followed by two coats of Satinwood Brilliant White.

Products used:

  • Johnstones Vinyl Matt Emulsion
  • Farrow and Ball Modern Estate Emulsion
  • Dulux Satinwood Brilliant White
  • Toupret Filler
  • Ronseal Two-Part Filler
  • Brilliant White Undercoat
  • Decorators Caulk by Polycell