Roof Repair to Residential Property –  Finchley – North West London

On this occasion, we were contacted by a client who was based in Finchley, North West London requesting work to be carried out on his property. The work consisted of gutter clearance, checking for any leaks in gutters and rainwater pipes, and pointing and refixing roof tiles.

  • The first step was to check all pointing around the property. Remove all damaged pointing and replace them with new mortar.
  • The second step was to carry out repairs around the chimney. Checking for damaged bricks and damaged lead flashing. During our observations, we saw that the pointing was missing from around the bricks and the flashing was damaged. We repaired the lead flashing, made good and repointed around bricks.
  • The third step is clearing blocked gutters from leaves and debris, and testing for leaks in gutters and water pipes. We carried out an inspection to ensure that there were no tilting or loose hanging gutters or clips. We then secured a hose to the gutter and made sure there were no leaks.

Our dedicated team carried out the repairs with minimal disruptions to the client and was able to finish on time and budget.