Three Bedroom House Painting and Decorating – Fulham – London

This project was based in Fulham. The client had suffered a leak in the property which led to the ceiling and walls being damaged.

We were commissioned to carry out full repairs to the affected rooms which were the living room, dining room and bathroom.

All damaged areas on the ceilings were prepared by filling and rubbing down. We then applied stain block. The walls were then prepared by filling and making sure that all surfaces are free from defects and ready for paint.

The doors frames and skirtings were then prepared by removing damaged caulk to frames and skirtings, new caulk was then applied.

The ceiling and walls were then given three coats of emulsion due to discolouring from the water leak.

One coat of undercoat was applied to the woodwork followed by two coats of eggshell.

Materials used:

  • Emulsion by Paint and Paper Library.
  • Undercoat (Odourless and Water base) by Paint and Paper Library.
  • Eggshell (Architects) by Paint and Paper Library.
  • Stain Block by Zinsser.