Two Bedroom Flat Decorating – Battersea – SW11

We received an enquiry regarding decorating a two-bedroom flat in Battersea SW11.

The client was planning on selling so therefore needed the flat to be brought back to its former glory.

During our consultation with the client, we discussed colours. We decided it be best to stick with the same colour as this would save time and money plus be a blank canvas for the next owners to work from.

Work consisted of preparing ceiling and walls, filling cracks, and rubbing down surfaces. The woodwork was then prepped by masking up the skirting to protect it from any overspray via the roller.

Two coats of emulsion were then applied to the ceiling and walls. The woodwork was in pretty good condition, so we spot-primed, added some filler and applied two coats of satinwood to all the woodwork.

New internal doors were installed which were then prepared and primed followed by one coat of undercoat and two coats of satinwood.